Well, I decide to try such way.
Watch my DA page to see my proposal to you (above ID image). >3

You can make a collective payment with your friends through one account, I think) If you wanna see it)

Let`s try to make a deal…(<…<” )

opinion poll

Hi, guys)

My troubles can bring you the pleasure, maybe)

I can`t find a job, life sucks, I`m going crazy, depressed and so on.
And I have a question for you cuz maybe you can help me with this. I know it can sounds weird for those who thinks that "art is not for money", well, sorry. But I really need money as soon as possible.


*Thanks to SWEETEST-MISTAKE for the beautiful gif)

Let`s imagine… if I take requests (I mean comissions on DA) how much will you agree to pay for these? I mean… how much should it cost to be OK for you if you wanna get the picture from me? If you want, of course) I have no idea… so, what do you think about it?

Let`s use US dollars for discussion.

You know that I wasn`t interested in comissions, but it seems like I have no choice..) I would like to try it for a month or two, temporary. To earn some money and may be to make your little art-dream come true.
Let`s decide together) If you want it I could try. waiting for your opinions in my message box. Answer to everyone, i promise)

P.S. Special thanks for sharing this post and your answers. (/w\) *shy*

with love